Boogie On The Bayou

............................. New Orleans, Louisiana

Boogie On The Bayou

... a toe-tapper and guaranteed dance floor filler with a catchy sing-along chorus ... co-written by Martin H. Samuel (author) when in New Orleans, Louisiana and Lisa Nemzo (composer) then in Marina del Rey, California ... recorded by Bad Ass Boots ... a band of 4 gals and 1 guy from the San Francisco Bay Area ... and released as a single by Dream Wild Records.

'Boogie On The Bayou', performed by Bad Ass Boots, won the October 2019 Akademia Music Award for Best Americana Song (Los Angeles, California).

August 2020, 'Boogie On The Bayou' was awarded Five Stars & Commended Entry in the 2020 UK Songwriting Contest Country Category.

Max Perry, world-renowned choreographer in Ocala, Florida, created the country line dance, 'Bayou Bay Boogie' for the song.

'Boogie On The Bayou' ... the original by Lisa.


Bob and Marlene Peyre-Ferry, of Honky Tonkin' Productions, adapted 'Bayou Bay Boogie' as a partner dance.

November 2014: DJ Jack Snyder interviewed Martin and played 'Boogie On The Bayou' every day on Expats Radio ~ New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A.

October 2014: DJ Mark The Sparks aired 'Boogie On The Bayou' on Epix Radio ~ Portugal.

1st March 2015: DJ Dave Nicholas played 'Boogie On The Bayou' on R.N.I. ~ London, U.K.

'Boogie On The Bayou' ~ NumberOneMusic Americana Charts

October 21st 2014: #3 in California, U.S.A. + #1 in U.S.A. + #1 in All countries.

January 6th 2015: #1 in California + #2 in U.S.A. + #2 in All countries.

September 9th 2015: #4 in California + #7 in U.S.A. + #8 in All countries.

October 17th 2015: #2 in California + #11 in USA + #14 in All countries.

October 2014: DJ Otto Lusink aired 'Boogie On The Bayou' 4 times a day on Holland Country Radio ~ The Netherlands.

November 2014 Band For The Day – 26-day Winner ~ Scotland, U.K.





December 30th 2014 – 'Boogie On The Bayou' on Coast 2 Coast CountryStars Mixtapes Vol. 1 ~ Miami, Florida, U.S.A./coast-2-coast-country-stars-mixtape-vol-1.jpg

 January 2015DJ Tez played 'Boogie On The Bayou' on MusicRadio FMR as Indie Artist Of The Week ~ Fort Myers, Florida, U.S.A.

July 13 2015 'Boogie On The Bayou' broke the Top 40 on  ReverbNation


July 21 2016 ~ 'Boogie On The Bayou' broke the Top 40 on  ReverbNation




August 31st 2015 – 'Boogie On The Bayou' on Coast 2 Coast CountryStars Mixtapes Vol. 4 ~ Miami, Florida, U.S.A.



December 31st 2015 – 'Boogie On The Bayou' on Coast 2 Coast WeWorkin Vol. 258 ~ Miami, Florida, U.S.A.



January 11th 2016 – 'Boogie On The Bayou' on Coast 2 Coast WeWorkin Vol. 262 ~ Miami, Florida, U.S.A.




July 29th 2016 – 'Boogie On The Bayou' is track 15 on Coast 2 Coast Country Edition Vol. 4 ~ Miami, Florida, U.S.A.


Track 16, 'Howlin' At The Moon', is by Martin H. Samuel.


December 1st 2016 – 'Boogie On The Bayou' is Rank #1 for Americana on NumberOneMusic ~ Oakland, California, U.S.A.

October 15th 2019 – 'Boogie On The Bayou' received The Akademia Music     Best Americana Song Award ~ Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

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